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  • 2020 05-22

    >About us Microtech

    Our products are not only satisfy the display individuation requirement of all the mobile phone manufacturing factories in the mainland…

  • 2020 05-21

    >LCD screen manufacturers to analyze the advantages of LCD LC

    LCD LCD screen application is multi-faceted, everbestlcd production of the LCD screen is mainly used in medical, computer, remote control and so on the electronic products industry…

  • 2020 05-21

    >LCD screen uses six elements to maintain

    Since the birth of the LCD display, with its thin and beautiful, healthy and energy saving and many other advantages, won the majority of consumer groups like and favor.…

  • 2020 05-20

    >The obvious advantages of liquid crystal display

    The obvious advantages of liquid crystal display Relative to the CRT monitor, LCD to overcome the CRT bulky, power consumption and flashing shortcomings, but also brought the cost is too high, the angle is not wide and color display is not…

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