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LCD screen uses six elements to maintain
author: admin Time of publication: 2020-05-21 14:25

Since the birth of the LCD display, with its thin and beautiful, healthy and energy saving and many other advantages, won the majority of consumer groups like and favor. But the LCD display of the delicate and easy to damage, but also caused many users in the use and maintenance process at a loss. In order to let everyone know more LCD  maintenance knowledge, Xiao Bian through data collection, to provide you with a few experiences, hoping to give you some help. The same time as

(1) water can be said that the first liquid crystal "natural enemies。" We should have had this experience, if the mobile phone or electronic watch LCD screen water or in a very high humidity environment, the digital image in the display will become blurred or even invisible。 This shows that the destruction of water vapor on the LCD screen is amazing。 So we should put the LCD screen in a more dry environment, do not let the moisture into the LCD LCD screen inside。 The same time as

(2) dust crystal easily infected with dust. A long time into a large face, with the natural unhappy. If you find the surface of the display stains, can be dipped in a little water with a soft cloth gently wipe it, do not spill water directly onto the surface of the display, the water into the LCD screen will lead to short circuit. The same time as

(3) said fire in the fire is the liquid crystal display of high pressure. Do not attempt to disassemble or change the LCD screen display, even if the LCD screen in the closed for a long time later, the background lighting components in the CFL converter may still have about 1000V high pressure, for the human body, this absolute Is a dangerous value. The same time as

(4) collision LCD display is very delicate, in the process of moving or vibrating, it is possible to damage the quality of the display and the display of the internal liquid crystal molecules, making the display greatly reduced. In addition, to avoid strong shock and vibration, LCD LCD screen contains a lot of glass and sensitive electrical components, fall to the floor or other similar strong impact will lead to damage to the screen or other units. The same time as

(5) touch the more "noble" things the more "fragile", LCD LCD screen is no exception。 If you touch the LCD screen with your fingers, the screen will produce a circle of water ripple, which is the LCD LCD screen common phenomenon, directly touch the LCD screen is very easy to cause LCD LCD screen on the small lines and devices Of the damage, the most common situation is to produce the so-called "dead pixels。" The same time as

(6) off reasonable use, effective maintenance of LCD LCD screen life is essential. Many people for the map is convenient, often shut down after the monitor is also off, this will seriously damage the life of the monitor. In general, do not make the LCD LCD screen for a long time in the boot state (continuous 72 hours or more). LCD screen in the display image when there is a feature, that is, if a long time to display a fixed content, some LCD LCD screen pixels will overheat and cause damage, which also pay attention. For example, nothing to turn off the monitor, pay attention to the operation of the screen protection program or let it show the whole white screen content, do not let the display brightness is too high, this is a show of hands, to extend the life of the LCD monitor.


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