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LCD screen manufacturers to analyze the advantages of LCD LC
author: admin Time of publication: 2020-05-21 14:26

LCD LCD screen application is multi-faceted, everbestlcd production of the LCD screen is mainly used in medical, computer, remote control and so on the electronic products industry, then the LCD screen relative to the CRT monitor in the use of what advantages? The following for everyone to elaborate. The same time as

1, zero radiation, low power consumption, cooling small LCD LCD display principle is to reverse the LCD pixels in the liquid crystal molecules deflection angle to the background light and restore the screen, it does not exist as CRT as the internal ultra-high voltage components, There will not be due to high pressure caused by x-ray exceeded。 And the machine structure circuit is simple, modular and chip highly integrated enough to minimize the electromagnetic radiation generated when the circuit is working。 This design directly reduces the power consumption of the circuit, heat is also very small。 LCD LCD screen, although at work may produce a slight electromagnetic radiation, but it is easy to solve through the shielding circuit。 The CRT display due to take into account the heat, not in the shield on the hole caused by radiation leakage。 The same time as

2, slim and light is the emergence of LCD LCD screen, only to make the invention of portable computers possible. Similarly, the desktop LCD LCD screen, although in size and weight than the laptop computer to be larger, but relative to that stupid and heavy CRT monitor is a trivial. In contrast to the 15-inch display, the depth of the CRT monitor is generally close to 50 cm, while the great white shark's new LCD LCD screen NF-1500MA depth of less than 5 cm! With the consumer point of view and the living environment changes, people on the household electrical appliances, the volume and weight requirements are getting higher and higher. LCD LCD screen with its slim and lightweight natural advantages become the most likely to break the monopoly of CRT display device.

3, the display character sharp picture does not flicker。 The unique display principle of the liquid crystal display determines the uniformity of the pixels on the screen, and the red, green and blue colors are closely arranged, and the video signal is sent directly to the pixels to drive the pixels to emit light, so there will not be the inherent convergence of the traditional CRT display As well as shortcomings of poor focus。 Therefore, the LCD screen on the text display with the traditional CRT monitor has a far different。 LCD LCD screen font is very sharp, there is no CRT display when the text appears when the font fuzzy, font color and other phenomena。 Moreover, because the LCD screen after the power has been in the light, the backlight work at high frequencies, the display screen is stable and not flashing, is conducive to the use of a long time computer。 And the CRT display is to rely on the electron beam to hit the phosphor to achieve the light, which will lead to periodic flicker of brightness。 After prolonged use is likely to cause discomfort to the human eye。 The same time as

4, accurate reduction of the image LCD screen is a direct digital addressable display, it can be the video output of the video signal after AD conversion, according to the signal level in the "address" signal directly to the video signal one by one The liquid crystal pixels on the screen are displayed. And the CRT display is to rely on the deflection coil to generate electromagnetic fields to control the electron beam on the screen periodic scan to achieve the purpose of displaying the image. As the trajectory of the electron beam is susceptible to environmental magnetic field or geomagnetism, the absolute positioning of the electron beam on the screen can not be achieved. So the CRT display is prone to the screen of the geometric distortion, linear distortion and so can not fundamentally eliminate the phenomenon. The LCD screen does not exist this possibility. LCD screen can be perfect on the screen screen presented, without any geometric distortion, linear distortion.


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